About the Author

Michael Jones

Following graduation from university with studies in music and leadership Michael was engaged in leadership and executive education for twenty years. Despite his success he was troubled that he had set his love for music aside in order to fulfill his consulting responsibilities. When he did play for others it was cover arrangements of popular songs. While he loved composing and improvising he kept his own light under the bushel most of the time. Then he had his own inflection point. One evening he was playing for himself in the reception area at a resort hotel during time off from his teaching. As he weaved back and forth between popular tunes such as Moon River and his own music an old man joined him at the piano. During a pause they chatted- he took a keen interest in Michael’s music he asked Michael the pivotal question; “ I think you are wasting your time with Moon River - but who will play your music if you don’t play it yourself?”

Shortly after this encounter Michael did have the opportunity to record his music and for over three decades now he has been delighting listeners with his original piano music which has been described as imaginative and transforming. His first recording Pianoscapes would become a benchmark in contemporary instrumental music and he would go on to record many more.

He has also had over fifty years of experience as a leadership educator and visionary and is the author of three highly regarded books in a series on Re-imagining Leadership. In addition to Artful Leadership, other books in the series include; The Soul of Place and Creating an Imaginative Life. Michael is also a speaker, storyteller and community engagement facilitator and has been a featured speaker alongside such outstanding leaders as Peter Senge, Margaret J. Wheatley and Colin Powell.